According to the Lunar Chinese calendar, 2015 is the year of the Lamb.  It’s a year filled with wealth, fortune, and fame. By enhancing positive energy and decreasing negative energy in the areas of your home that you spend most of your time in, you can maximize your luck in 2015. 

Standing in the center of your home, or your office, use a compass to determine directionality: Northwest, North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, and West.

2014-12-14  Floor Plan and Eight Directions


In 2015, the Northwest area is associated with fame and fortune.

Those who are fathers, oldest sons in their families, bosses, or leaders in business have the most potential to gain fame and wealth fortune if they do the job diligently. 

It’s most important to keep the Northwest area clean, bright and airy. 

If it’s family area such as dinning room or living room ~ Upward growing plants, for example, Lucky bamboos, Peperomia obtusifolia (Baby rubber plant) can help to enhance positive energy. You should also decorate the space with paintings of calm bodies of fresh water,or place a cup of water by the plant.

2014-12-14 Fortune Bamboo 富貴竹 Peperomia obtsifolia 發財樹Take note when the bedroom is in the northwest area, do not put plants. Instead, use gray or blue bed sheets and pillowcases. 

Blue, grey colors used together with green are preferred for curtains, table clothes and couch pillows or bed sheets. 

Avoid metal decor and red, orange, purple, white, metallic or earthy colors.

22 贲 BiGrace

Fire blazing at the foot of the mountain illuminates and beautifies theterrain. However, the light does not reach far and is short-lasting.

With this hexagram, grace bring success in small matters. Important matter better not be decided since it requires due consideration.
c 22贲

21 噬嗑 Shi-HeBiting Through
This hexagram looks like a mouth with an obstruction in-between the lips which is symbolic of criminal lawsuit and slander. In the same way obstacles are forcibly removed in nature by thunder and lightning, one can remove the obstruction  with a strong bite.
With this hexagram, one can only achieve success by following the law. It is important to take timely action to establish consequences for disobeying established rules and this will ultimately bring an end to the wrongdoing.
c 21 噬嗑



20 觀Contemplation (View)

This hexagram is linked with the Lunar month of August (September – October). This is a period when the light-giving power retreats and the dark power is on the rise. The shrine-shaped hexagram commands a broad view. Wind traverses above the earth, capturing every corner of the terrain. It is like a ruler that observes his people and guides them with its mere existence.

With this hexagram, one can successfully influence others with deep inner concentration and strong faith developed from religious contemplation.

c 20 觀

19 臨Approach
A pond lies beneath the earth.
Those in leadership positions must be willing to openly approach their people. They must be collaborative, protective, and strive to educate the followers.
This hexagram is linked to the Lunar month of December (January – February), when after the solstice, light begins to ascend again.  Spring is approaching.
With this hexagram, success is certain. But one must work with determination and perseverance to make full use of the propitiousness of time – because spring is not everlasting. 
19 臨
18 蠱 GUSpoiled
The Chinese character Gu is an image of worms in a plate. 
It means decay. It’s the result of stagnation when wind is
blocked by a mountain.
With this hexagram, one can still reach success if one can
lead a team on working to improve conditions that resulted from the neglect of predecessors.
17 隨 SUIFollowing
Thunder in the middle of the lake in its winter rest.
Joy in movement creates a following. One must meet the needs of his followers to attract a following.
With this hexagram, one should rest to harness momentum for action.  Adapting to the demands of others can lead to favorable outcomes.
c 17 隨

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