Palm Reading – Fate Line

Stars on the fate line indicate an auspicious and successful career.

Individuals who have stars on their fate lines have better luck and more likely to be successful than others without them.

  • Stars between love line and wisdom line indicate good career luck between the ages of 45 and 55.
  • Stars between wisdom line and life line indicate good career luck between the ages of 35 and 45.

Having a branch of the fate line reaching Moon Hill is an indication of asuccessful career, which is most frequently achieved with support from individuals of the opposite sex.

A fate line starts from Moon Hill indicates having strong support from opposite sex and success in one’s career secondary to good interpersonal relationship mostly with the opposite sex.

This support may come from superiors or customers.
Individuals who have the same lucky line or branch on both hands are blessed with good luck all along.

A female with this type of fate line will likely marry a wealthy man.

A male with this type of fate line, especially in both palms, may be so popular that he has to be very careful with managing his romantic relationship in order to stay out of trouble.

Short lines that cut cross the fate line indicate career obstacles.

This may include getting fired, experiencing unexpected career changes, having difficulties interacting with supervisors, and suffering loss of profit in one’s business operations.Fewer of these lines represent better luck in one’s career-related endeavors.
The position of these short lines reflects when the set-back will occur.

 Increased number of these short lines represents greater fluctuations in one’s career.

Moles situated on the fate line represent financial difficulties and/or career obstacles.

The relative position of a mole indicates when the challenging situation will occur during one’s lifetime.

It is best to remove any moles that are present on the fate line.

Having a branch of fate line that ends at Mercury [area under pinky] indicates success in business and abundance of wealth.

It also shows that the person has an excellent sense in business and is likely to reap good profit from any investments and business endeavors.

Having a branch of the fate line ending at Apollo [Also known as Sun Hill, area under Ring finger] indicates success in business, fame and wealth.
 They are likely to encounter people who will help them along the way and earn great achievements and fame.

This person must be very well-known in his/her business field. People who have this kind of fate line branch thrive in the show business, art or literature industries.

A fate line begins from life line reaches Jupiter Line [Heart Line] is a ‘Self-Striving Line’. It also known as ‘self-employment line’ or ‘Investment Line’.

A person with striving line is self-reliant. Usually he or she is self-confident, capable and have good career luck.

People with self-striving line could be involved in self-owned, or family owned business.

Longer, deeper and clear self-striving line implies successful business, fame and prosperities.

It is recommended to work for wage income instead of invest into your own business if without self-striving line.

A Fate line that starts at Venus and curves inside of the Life Line indicates success stemming from family relations. This may include:

  • Working for family or family related business.
  • Owning a business supported by family, in-laws, or relatives.
  • Inheriting family business or estate. Or,
  • Bonding closely to family with good interaction that leads him/her to fame and wealth.

Auxiliary Lines are short and straight parallel lines along the fate line. They indicate good luck in career-related endeavors during specific periods of one’s life.

Specifically, you may be a candidate strongly endorsed by your superiors for promotion!
  • If the auxiliary lines appear in the center of your palm,
    it could happen around 35 years of age.
  • If auxiliary lines appear across the Wisdom line,
    it could happen when you are around 45 years old.
  • If auxiliary lines appear across Jupiter line [Heart line],
    it could happen when you are around 55 years old.
  • If auxiliary lines appear between Wisdom line and Jupiter line as the picture, you should have good career luck in between 50 to 55 of age.

The Auxiliary lines can also be indicative of having a secondary source of income to boost your financial status.

The deep, straight fate line indicates a smooth career path during earlier age.

If the fate line stops at the head line, it could mean that you will:

  • Be jobless in the middle age, or
  • Not have a stable career, or
  • Have a job that is not fulfilling, or
  • Not have a steady income after around 45 of age.
Nevertheless, the fate line does not indicate whether the career situation is a voluntary decision or one that you were forced into.

Fengshui arrangements in your house can make significant change of the situation. That is why palm lines changes all the time.

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