1 Qian


9 at the beginning ~(011001)

Hide the energy underneath, do not take action. 潛龍勿用

This hexagram symbolizes someone at the entry level, who may be capable but not have enough credibility to be recognized yet. It’s wise to not take action and keep a low profile.

When we get the hexagram as a 977777 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

Timing is not right yet. Although there may be eagerness in our mind to proceed, we should hold back and take this time as the opportunity to increase our own strength, to observe carefully and know the situation better for future success. We should be patient and trust that the right time will come.

If actions is taken now, the bottom most line will turn into a broken line, it turns the hexagram “Qian ” to “Gou ”.

The broken line represents someone at a lower level, a villain, a negative energy. Movements will give them the opportunity to begin to grow, and the negative energy will then rise to destroy all the other positive unbroken lines above.

When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

The female is not a good one to marry because she is too strong of a character. A marriage like this will wear down positive energy and may result in trauma.

This hexagram “Gou ” is one of the two hexagrams among the sixty-four hexagram that symbolizes inverted love.

1 乾 Qian             c 1-1 乾 Qian 1 to 姤 Gou    ⇒      44 姤 Gou

In the previous articles we learned the 64 hexagrams in the book of change. Each of them contains oracles that inform possible results or potential solutions. They may shed light on future happenings and provide guidance on best way to approach for resolution. They may also serve as philosophic reminders in the journey of life. All of the answers depend on whether and which of the lines change in each of the 6 lines in the hexagram. So let’s return to the basics of how does one answer a question with a hexagram?

Prepare three coins and toss them simultaneously. This first toss will determine the bottom-most line on the hexagram. You will repeat the same process 6 times, working your way from bottom to top, to determine the type of line (broken or unbroken) and numeric value associated with each line. The head side is equivalent to 3, the tail side is equivalent to 2. There are four different possibilities:

All heads = 3+3+3 = 9. Lao-Yang. Draw an unbroken line. This indicates “change”.

One head and two tails = 3 + 2 + 2 = 7. Shao-Yang. Draw an unbroken line. This indicates “unchanging”.

All tails = 2+2+2 = 6. Lao-Yin. Draw a broken line. This indicates “change”.

Two heads and a tail = 3+3+2 = 8. Shao-Yin. Draw a broken line. This indicate “unchanging”.

Once this process is complete, you should have your hexagram and associated numeric values associated with each line. Then you are ready to interpret the hexagram.

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64 未濟 Wei-JiIncomplete

Fire (upper trigram) is situated over the body of water (lower trigram). Flame rise upward while water flows into the earth. The two energies move in opposition, making it hard to accomplish anything unless they are utilized in the right way. 

This hexagram is analogous to autumn, which is a period of transition between summer and winter. The seasons come and go so summer will always return, however not before one endures the harsh winter weathers. 

With this hexagram, success will eventually be achieved when everything falls into it’s proper place. It’s most important for the one in charge to pay close attention from beginning to end.c 64 未濟

63 既濟 Ji-JiUpon Completion

Water (upper trigram) is situated over the fire (lower trigram). Fire provides the energy required to boil the water, however there is inherent risk of the water spilling leading to damage or harm. 

With this hexagram, one will succeed but needs to proceed with caution since any little misstep could prove significantly detrimental. It is wise to take a cautious approach.

c 63 既濟

62 小過 Xiao GuoAdvantage of the Small

Thunder (upper trigram) strikes over the mountain (lower trigram). Flying birds should not strive upward, it is better to remain below for safety.

The image of this hexagram contains broken lines on the outside and two solid lines in the center. This indicates the person in authority is inadequate.

With this hexagram, one will achieve success in small matters with perseverance. Bigger issues should be left alone since chances of success are limited.

c 62 小過

61 中孚 Zhong FuInner Truth

Wind (upper trigram) blows over the lake (lower trigram).  It stirs the surface of the water, creating a visible manifestation of the invisible.

This hexagram contains two firm lines above and below, while the center two are open lines.  It reflects a heart free of preconceived notions and open to the truth.

symbolizes a birds’ foot over a fledgling (baby bird). It indicates birth of a new life from within, symbolizing the awareness of inner truth.

With this hexagram, one will achieve success in difficult decisions if one keeps an open mind so the heart can find its way without assumptions.  It is important to talk to people to see things from different perspectives and time will lead to success.

c 61 中孚



60 節 JieModeration, Limitation

Water (upper trigram) is the essential composition of a lake (lower trigram) yet exists in finite quantity. In Chinese, Jie is the nodes between each segment on a bamboo stalk. It means frugal and self-control.

With this hexagram, one can achieve success with his free spirit but it is important to adhere to existing limitations.c 60 節









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