Northeast: Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 30~60 degrees.

This area is associated with dispute and conflict in the year of 2018. It can cause particular impact to those who spend a lot of time in this area (such as sleeps here, sits here often, or frequently enters home from this area). Bad luck, poor communication, and lawsuits can occur. One may also have frequent encounters with individuals who knowingly or unknowingly, make life harder for oneself.

To ameliorate this negative energy, one can do the following:

-Hang a painting with three red hearts on the wall.

-If there is a sofa or bed here, place three red, heart-shaped cushions for decoration.

-If there is a table here, place a fruit bowl with three red apples.

Decorations to avoid in this area include plants, and objects that have water and earthy elements.


东北区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,3060度角之间的区域

2018 年中的东北区域充满了口舌对立的负能量。对于时常在这个区域行住坐卧的人来说,很有可能会发现自己经常会有与人意见不合的时候。吵架、争执、甚至于官司诉讼都可能会发生,也有可能多遇小人。






East: Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 75~105 degrees.

This area is associated with financial loss, injuries, and theft in the year of 2018.

Decorating this area with water elements can minimize negative energy.

Some options include:

*Place a water-potted plant in this area, change water regularly

*If this area is the main entrance or kitchen, place a small white cup here with one bronze coin in it, add coarse sea salt to fill half the cup, then add to it pre-mixture of tap water and boiled water to 1cm above salt line. This solution needs to be replaced weekly but does wonders in absorbing negative energy.

Decorations to avoid in this area include objects that are metallic, white, red, and earthy.


正东区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,75105度角之间的区域





Southeast: Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 120~150 degrees.

This area is associated with career-advancing energy in the year of 2018. By harnessing the fire element in this area, one can encourage the possibilities of achieving promotions, getting raises, or embarking on new career opportunities.

Place a torch lamp with a single, straight metal stand to foster the positive energy!

Avoid plants and fish bowls in this area. Also avoid decorations that are metallic, blue, gray, or white.



东南区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,120~150度角之间的区域




South: Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 165~195 degrees.

This area is associated with recognition in the year of 2018. One may come up with the best work results, the most creative product, or the most effective solution. But without proper fengshui arrangements in this area, it is unlikely that one will receive the recognition one deserves.

To bring more positive energy in this area, decorate with a lucky bamboo planted in a clay water pot, filled with while pebbles or beads. Give yourself the opportunity to be recognized for your efforts!

Avoid decor that are metallic, red, white, or earthy.


正南区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,165~195度角之间的区域


无论如何,一个简单适合的布置,或许就可以帮助我们得到2018年来到正南方的好名声的最大正能量 放一个陶土盆的水养4支富贵竹盆栽,里面用白色的小圆石头或者白色珠子固定富贵竹的底部。


Southwest: Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 210~240 degrees.

This area is associated with unexpected wealth and fortune in the year of 2018! It is also connected to one’s travel opportunities, pertinent to those who hope to study abroad, immigrate, or crave for vacations abroad. It is especially ideal if one spends a significant amount of time in this area of the home, which is usually the case if the Southwest is where one’s bedroom, study, or living area is located.

To foster the positive energy:

-Place a clay bowl in this area and fill it with domestic currency coins.

-Hang a clock on the wall.

Together these fengshui decorations will bring wealth into your home 24 hours a day!

To promote opportunities to travel, place a gold model car in this area.

Avoid decorations with plants and water, and avoid use of green, red, and blue. Emphasis should be place on use of white, earth-toned, and gold elements to enhance positive energies.


西南区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,210~240度角之间的区域

2018年的西南方,正是最大的财气正能量!多半是意外之财。对经商的人、做业务的人最为相应。 同时也充满着旅游出国的能量。




West: Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 255~285 degrees.

This area has particular impact on the health of older women in the family in the year of 2018. Extra attention should be taken if the main entrance, bed, study or living area is located in the Western area since it is filled with energy of illness.

Place a brass gong in this area to reduce the impact of this negative energy.

Avoid decorations that contain fire, earth, or water elements. Instead, utilize white and gold items to balance the energies.

2018年的风水摆设 ~ 正西

正西区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,255~285度角之间的区域




2018 Good Luck Fengshui ~ Northwest

Northwest:  Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 300~330 degrees.

This area is the mecca of positive interpersonal relationship in the year of 2018! It is an area that fosters facilitators, long term partnership, and positive collaboration. One is extremely lucky if one’s bedroom, study, or living area is located in the Northwest, or if the main entrance to the home is at this location.

Elements of iron and water helps to enhance the positive energy in the Northwest.

The best way to achieve this is by placing a fish bowl in this area with 1 goldfish. This will provide a huge boost in luck!

Avoid plants and decorations with elements of fire and earth in this area.

2018年的风水摆设 ~ 西北

西北区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,300~330度角之间的区域