Northwest is the area of the home associated with conflict.  The man of the house or individuals who serve as business leaders should pay close attention to legal documents. Hang paintings of three hearts or apples in this area, or decorate the Northwest (300-330 degrees) with stuffed hearts to bring kind and thoughtfulness energy instead.


Red or purple are recommended for the northwest in 2016.

Must avoid green, blue, grey decor and definitely avoid placing plants in this area.

Lavender and Geranium are good choice to diffuse in the NW.Lavender


The center of the home is associated with illness in 2016. Older female must pay more attention to their digestive systems. A brass or copper gourd  or gong placed in this area can improve the negative energy.Hanging gong 1Golden Gourd

White, Gold or Silver are preferred colors for center decorations.

Must avoid Black, Red, Purple, Muddy or yellow colors in the center.

Essential oils such as Cinnamon, Basle, Coriander or Lemon, Peppermint help in cleansing the energy.Cinnamon

Writers, journalists, teachers, and students or someone who are going to take important exams should decorate the west (250~290 degrees) with plants like fortune bamboos, and use decor that are blue and grey. 

A large paintings with creek and green bushes or trees works the same.


Avoid red, earthy and metallic colors and ornaments.

Diffusion of Rosemary or Intune blended essential oils definitely helps in clearing your thoughts.

Couples who wish to get married, couples who wish to get pregnant, or whoever has a dream that they hope to come true should place a red shade lamp in the Eastern (70~110 degrees) area of your home or office. This will enforce the energy of happiness.

Red, purple and flowers are good for the Eastern area.

Red roses

Avoid earthy, gold, silver colors and muddy, clay or metallic ornaments.

YlangYlang and Clarysage  essential oils will bring you the dreamed romantic encounters.YlangYlang_15ml 伊蘭伊蘭

If you are seeking facilitators in your life, a promotion, or salary increase, consider sleeping or sitting in the southeast (115~155 degrees) area of your home/office.

A fish tank or water fountain at SE will bring the energy desired. There should be weeds, light, filter and white coarse stones in the tank with 9 or 11 fishes.

Fish tank 1

White, metallic, blue and grey are good in this area.  Avoid red, green and plants.

Diffuse of Peppermint essential will send the radiation to bring your facilitators.Peppermint_15ml 薄荷

If your income is salary-based, the southwest (205~242 degrees) areas of your home and office are the most important.

Red and earthy colors should be used at SW.

A dim torch floor lamp lit 24/7 will bring great energy.Torch Floor Lamp

Avoid metal ornaments, plants, metallic and green.

Myrrh and Elevation blend are good choices of diffusion in this area.Elevation_15ml 活力甦醒

2016 will be another year filled with conflicts and uncertainty. Older females should pay more attention to their reproductive and digestive systems. People born in the year of Monkey may encounter significant changes in life.

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People If your income is performance based (such as investors, free lancers, casino dealers), you should emphasize good fengshui in the southern area (160-200 degrees) of your home and office.

Earthy colors (such as brown and beige) are best for the South in 2016.  Additional white or gold ornaments should be used to bring the desired energy.

Place a clay treasure bowel filled with coins in this area and your pockets will be filled.clay money pot

If you would like to create opportunities for traveling oversease, place a gold metal toy car that is bigger than your palm in this area, facing the front door.Gold toy carAvoid decorations that are red, blue or grey. No fish tanks in this area. Plants are okay if there is a clay treasure bowel filled with coins.

Frankincense is a good choice to diffuse in this area to bring fortune.Frankincense_15ml






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