The Concubine of Qing Dynasty Emperor moved around China running from the civil wars before finally arriving in Taiwan. The only items she carefully carried with her all these time were several books on ‘Qing Palace Palm-reading Tips’, palm-reading methods only used by royal families. These books accompanied her endless lonely days in the Qing Imperial Palace. One day, she met a boy named Kao, who demonstrated indescribable insight at the tender age of 14. Although he had only read two palm-reading books, he spoke of the topic with fervor and passion. The Concubine decided to give Kao the palm-reading books she had brought from the palace.

Palm-reading methods used for the royal family of Qing dynasty are very much different from the other methods generally used. Kao was spellbound and fascinated by the Qing palace palm reading skills. The books began his journey of immense pursuit of palm reading skills.

After graduating from college and completing service in army, Kao devoted himself to learning of Chinese medicine, Fenshui、and Fortune-telling– all studies related to ‘Yi’ wisdom. He was destined to meet and follow the path of previous Masters, dedicating himself to learning the wisdom of Taoism, Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism.

Prior to his 30’s, Kao already had a broad exposure to the studies of religion and fate. However, he was yet unable to fully utilize his knowledge and skills, finding it very challenging to most appropriately select and apply the vast amount of information. Kao has consecrate his life and energy in the past decades to integrate his studies of fortune telling、 theurgy、 divination、sortilege and worldwide incantation、wizardry, to correlate Fenshui 、astrology、palm-reading with each other, germinated successfully a very unique、integrated ‘Life Guidance’ fengshui theory. He complements scientific theories with Chinese Yi-Jing and ancient Chinese cosmetology of five elements and eight trigrams to use them in modern life. 「Solving Problems」 with fengshui is his sole objective.

Master Kao’s words of wisdom have reflected in the lives of countless people. His warm and kind heart and the ‘Life Guidance’ fengshui theory has encouraged people and lightened their lives.

He answers patiently questions on his blog to strangers, travel around the world to help people arranging their fengshui to change their life. His followers are all over the world. Benevolent Kao feels sorry not being able to help more people who do not understand Chinese language.

‘Sow A Fortune’ is a blog through which Master Kao hopes to share his ‘Life Guidance’ theory with English-speaking individuals across the globe. Kao’s pledges to share his knowledge and skills so that more people can live a life surrounded by happiness, peace, health, and wealth.