You’re obsessed,
but you have no idea how he or she feels about you.
You want to bring your relationship to the next level, but you want affirmation from your partner.
You’re always give 100%,
but you could use some luck with relationships.

Flowers can make your wishes come true!

Pink and White Lilies are the most powerful
flowers; Red or Purple Roses and Orchids are the best choices as well.

It is very important to put right colors at the right places. The ‘right places’ are the positions of good relationships and/or marriage. It differences every year.

In the year 2009,
the ‘right place’ of good relationship is
Northwest [NW] of your house – if you’re male
Soutwest [SW] of your house – if you’re female.

Putting white lilies in gold/silver/white-colored vase there
can enhance your popularity

The ‘right place’ for marriage is
CENTER of the house.
Putting red, pink or purple flowers in
red/green/purple-colored vase can bring you romance, relationship and marriage.