More and more companies are down-sizing to survive the impact of economic turmoil.

Even if you are shouldering more workload, accepting wage/benefit cuts,
working longer hours for less,
in the back of your mind there’s still the fear
of losing your job despite all the compromise.

Hanging a ‘6-Emperor Coin Charm’
under your seat can help you keep your job!

‘6 Emperors’ Coin Charm’

This 6 Emperor gold coins are from

the era of Qing Dynasty,
during the governing of emperors-

Shun Zhi (1644-1661),
Kang Xi (1661-1722),
Yung Zheng (1723-1735),
Qien Long (1736-1796),
Jia Qing (1796-1820) and
Dao Guang (1820-1850).
Under the ruling of these six emperors,
the Qing Dynasty grew in power and prosperity.
The coins were used during periods of
abundance and affluence,
passed through countless hands,
and buried under the earth
for hundreds of years afterwards.

They embody ‘Qi’,
positive energy derived from history,
human, and earth.

After rinsing with water and
a half day exposure to sunlight,
the 6 emperor coin charm can be used
to invite wealth, fortune and luck.

Six is also the number to fight against demons.