Some things are within our control.
This, we call effort.
Some things are not within our control.
This, we call luck.

In this day and age,
cell phones have permeated every aspect of our lives.
For calling, texting, photos, internet access…
We use them 24-7 &
carry them with us day and night.

Believe it or not, they have a great influence on our ‘Qi’ .

Having a lucky cell phone number can make big difference
in your life.
It can bring
popularity, happiness, and success.

How lucky is your cell phone number?

1. Add all the digits of your cell phone number up –
Example: If your number is 206 2345678
It is 2+0+6+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 43

2. Divide the number by 6
43 / 6 = 7 with a balance of [1]

According to the Chinese ‘Yi Jing’, the Book of Change –

Balance of [1 ] represents the ‘Heaven’.
It is good for Male’s use.
It makes a female more masculine.
That may cause imbalance of Yin and Yang,
this could lead disturbance in health or emotion.

Balance of [2] represents the ‘Earth’.
It is good for female’s use.
It makes a male indecisive or powerless.

Balance of [3] represents ‘Human’.
It means that you have troublesome
interpersonal relationships.

Balance of [4] represents ‘Wealth’.
It means you have good fortune.

Balance of [5] represents ‘Help or Promotion’.
It means you often have someone
who helps and supports you in life,
this could be a good boss,
good customers,
good friend, or even a stranger
who gives you a hand when you’re in need.
You have a lucky star shining upon
your career endeavors.

Balance of [0] represents ‘Destitute’.
You probably often feel short of money.
Get a new cell phone number if
you do not get a balance from the equation.