What are some effective ways
to enhance your job security and avoid being laid off?

Add a lamp on your desk.
Light brings good ‘Qi’ from floor through your desk to you,
you should be able to keep your job as long as
you have better ‘Qi’ than colleagues.

Always keep some files on your desk, stacked neatly.
Never, ever clear your desk completely.
Keep a couple of files on your desk to resemble

the necessity for your existence in the company.
It demonstrates your will to keep the job.

Put a round shaped pen pot on your desk
with 4 pens in it.
4 pens are symbolic of ‘Wen Chiang’,

the God of Literature, Books and Writing.
The God’s blessing will provide you with job protection.

Hang your jacket or coat on the back of your seat.
It is symbolic of having a solid anchor to

back you up in times of need,
increasing the permanence of your employment.