The worldwide financial turmoil has made
a significant impact on our lives.
We are often stressed out by unexpected changes,
forced decisions, and new challenges.
Nothing can be worse than having to deal with
tensioned relationships in addition to all these.
How can we foster harmonious relationships and
positive social connections for more supports
in rough times?

Placing a ‘Zen Bowl’ on the left-hand corner

of your desk can help you maintain positive
and supportive interpersonal relationships.

‘Zen Bowl’

Rinse eight pieces of white color round stones,
or white color marbles with running water.
Put them in a brandy glass and
fill half the glass with tap water.
Make sure water covers the stones completely.
During the process, stir the stones with your fingers.

Water will vaporize after several days and
the stones will become exposed to air.
Drain the remaining water, and then
clean the glass and stones.
Repeat the process to refill half the glass with
fresh water and stir the stones with your fingers.