Use a crystal to help improve all aspects of your life –
successful career development,
prosperous financial growth,
harmonious interpersonal networks,
satisfying romantic relationships or marriage.

Placing a yellow, red, or purple crystal in the Southeast corner
of your house or office will promote success in career development.

Placing a yellow, gold, or white crystal in the Southwest corner
of your house or office will promote financial growth.

Placing a gold, rose, or white crystal in the Northwest corner
of your house or office will promote harmonious interpersonal networks.

Placing a red or purple crystal in the center
of your house or office will help you find Mr. or Ms. Right or
tie the knot with the love of your life.

Do not touch or move the crystal after you set it in the place.
Always focus on your intention when looking at the crystal.
Your wish will come true in no time!

About Crystal –

Crystals are often used to balance the energy in a space,
to conduct good ‘Qi’ and create consciousness
in achieving our goals.

Crystal balls, natural crystal pyramids, crystal clusters,
crystal geodes or crystal arts are commonly used in
Fengshui purpose.
Different colors and shapes represent the five elements
(Gold, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth) in Fengshui.
It is important to select the right size, colors and
good quality crystals for maximum achievements.

1. Colors –

in geometric or triangular shapes
are used to add fire element for motivation.

Yellow/earth tones
in squares or block shapes
are used to add earth element for stability.

in round or dome-shapes
are used to add metal (gold) element for
wealth and good communication.

in wavy or irregular shapes
are used to add water element to
bring financial growth and mind focus.

in stripes or sticks
are used to add wood element for creativity.

2. Size –
A size similar to your palm or bigger would be the best.
Smaller sizes result decreased effectiveness.

3. Quality –
Natural crystal mineral minds are most effective.
A larger reproduced crystal will be needed to have
the same effect as a smaller, natural crystal

Beware –

Fengshui crystals could result in emotional fluctuation
if placed in bedroom or anywhere near the bed.
It could also result in negative magnetic interference
if placed close to a computer.