– Bring family together for happiness.

A family portrait taken with cheerful faces
has the power of unity.

Place a large-sized, bright, and cheerful photo
including every family member in a location of gathering-
such as the living room, dining room, or family room

with good lighting or natural light.
It will take just a few months for things to take effect.
Those family members Who have been away from home
will begin to think about home more often,
visit more often, or stay longer during their visits.

Cut a quarter size red paper and
stick it on back of the family picture
to bring back the heart of a distancing partner.

It is important NOT to put the family pictures
facing entrance of the house, or kitchen, or bathrooms;
nor to put the pictures where is gloomy or under a staircase.

The best places to put family pictures in 2009 are the
Northwest [NW], Southwest [SW], and Southeast [SE] corners of the house.