A vanity is a symbolic of a woman’s financial success.
It is important for all women to have a vanity in their bedrooms.
The size does not matter.
One who does not have a vanity will often be troubled with low balances in her bank account,
no matter how much she earns or how hard she tries.
The vanity must have a mirror that is bigger than the size of her face and must be positioned higher than her face level
so she does not have to lower her chin to
see herself when sitting in front of the vanity.
Otherwise, she will feel less respected or
not be taken seriously at work or home.

A vanity in a bedroom other than her own could
Result in decreased control over her own finances.

The vanity must be directly visible from the bedroom entrance.
· Corner diagonal to bedroom door is the best location

for a vanity.
· Placing a desk lamp on the vanity will enhance

luck of fortune.
· It must be put against to the wall.
· Only one with mirror and drawer works for this secret
· Mirror must not facing bed or bathroom door.
· Mirror must not reflect the toilet.
· Both table top and inside of drawers must be kept
clean and neat.
· Place any fortune-related symbolic items such as
a cash card, wallets, and jewelries in the drawers
to promote prosperity.