– Read the Money Line in your palm.

What is the Money Line?
1. Money lines are vertical or slanted lines under your pinkies.

2. Some are short under pinkies, above the Heart Line;
Some of them may be longer and
across Heart Line.

What do Money lines show?

1. Money lines reflect

  • The amount of cash you have in the present;
  • Your recent luck with money ;
  • your current status of fund management;
    and the status of your investment.

2. Thick, clear, and distinctive money lines represent good wealth; fine and superficial money lines represent poor wealth.

3. One thick, clear, distinctive money line is better than several fine and superficial lines.

4. 2 thick, clear, distinctive money lines represent good fortune in the present.

5. 3 or more money lines represent active money transactions. It means risk of losing profit.
Therefore, you must be cautious with investments when you see more than 3 money lines at any given time.

An individual with several short money lines is a practical person.
This person exercises thoughtful money management.
He or she will unlikely be short on money.

Money Lines assist in determining the right timing to make investment decisions.

  1. Anyone with money lines vertical or slanted demonstrates good management of money.
  2. Slanted money line is better than vertical,
    vertical line is better than many short disorderly money lines.
  • Slanted money line means you can gain profit.
    It also indicate now is a good timing for you to make intended investments, gain profit on making a financial movement.
  • Vertical money line means you have the money that is locked-up at present; or investment that has not yielded any profit yet.
    It also indicates now is not a good timing for any investment such as invest into stock market or business because your investment might be tied up or become a loss.