Are they often late for school? Uncertain about their future?
Unmotivated? Quick tempered? Out all of the time?

Try these simple ways and
You will find obvious changes in no time.

  • Position the headboard of the bed towards North [N].
    This will help to improve academic performance.
  • Keep their bedroom clean and neat.
  • Keep shoes neatly displayed with toes point inward.
    This will help them to stay at home more.
  • Although family members sleep at different rooms,
    It is important to keep all the beds set parallel to each other.
  • Make sure nothing is stuffed under the bed,
    it could effect your communication with your children.
  • Make sure children are not occupying the larger bedrooms.
    Children will have tendency to not listen to their parents if
    they have been occupying the larger bedrooms for a long time.
  • Make sure children are not occupying the room in the
    North West [NW] corner of the house.
    If there is a bedroom at NW of your house,
    it should be used as a main bedroom or a study.
  • Keep computer off when not in use.
    The magnetic field of computer could have negative effect
    on the brain and emotions.