– It will bestow upon you the best of luck in Career, Fortune, and Romance

Who would have guessed?
Having a running fan in your house may have changed
your life!
Location of a fan can make a significant influence on the flow of ‘Qi’ in your house.
It can bring good luck your way;
Or it can be the reason behind sleepless nights,
disturbed emotions, and illness of family members.

Good Locations to place a fan (house or office) in 2009:

  • South East [SE] of the property or room,
    facing any direction.
    ~ Promotes success in your career or work.
  • North West [NW] of the property or room,
    facing any direction, or facing a particular person.
    ~ Brings desired romantic relationships.
  • South [S] of the property or room,
    facing direction of the seat or bed of
    an individual who will be taking an exam.
    ~ Facilitates passing an important exam.
  • South West [SW] of the property or room,
    Facing any direction.
    ~ Brings fortune in investments and
    unexpected income.
    ~ It may also increase the chances of getting a promotion and having travel opportunities.

Don’t put fan at these Locations (house or office) in 2009:

  • North [N]
    ~ Leads to misfortune or financial loss.
  • West [W]
    ~ Increases chance of getting sick.
  • East [E] & North East [NE]
    ~ Associated with unstable emotions, arguments, theft and potential lawsuit.

Locations that NEVER put a fan (in any year):

  • North West