In the study of fengshui,
bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home.
It is related to your health,
not only about the physical wellness,
but also interpreted as
healthy relationships with people.
It has an absolute connection with your romance, marriage, and interaction with people.

Take a look at your bed and you will find out –
Why your impression upon others was not
as positive as you had hoped for?
Why you always have a hard time finding true romantic connections?
Why you and your partner always argue even though
you love each other dearly?

A bed must have legs for ventilation.
It signifies good communications with people.

  • Beds with storage underneath preventing airflow
    under your bed could reflect changes in personality.
    You can become hard to understand w
    ithout noticing the changes yourself.
    You can find clear communication to be a struggle. This may easily lead to fighting or break ups.
  • If you are looking forward to marriage,
    you need a bed with four legs and
    it must be at least a queen size bed or bigger.
    A single bed leads to single life.
  • Married couples will encounter difficulty in communicating with each other after years sleeping on a bed without legs.
    Life will become mundane, you could care less about how your partner is doing or what is she or he thinking.
    It could lead to separation or divorce.

In case you are sleeping in a bed without legs,
Moreover, it is impossible to replace it with a bed with legs,
there are several ways to temporally reduce its negative impact:

  • Wrap four quarters individually with red paper
    then place them under the four corners of your bed.
  • For any reason that it cannot be done,
    You may put these four coins at the four corners
    in between mattress and platform.

Even if your bed does have four legs,
you do not want to stuff miscellaneous things under bed.
Particularly metal products, or sharp items like knifes or scissors. They either will harm you health, or may harm
your relationships with others.

There are things you can place under your bed,
to bring good luck.

  • Putting piggy bank under your bed can bring you
    Good luck in prosperity and fortune.
  • Putting a box of tea bags under your bed can
    Be helpful to your health and bring long life.
    Nevertheless it has to be replaced every season.
  • Putting fresh flowers or leaves of Osmanthus
    under your bed can help you to pass and important exam or bring higher grades on your study.