A 30″+ colorful decorative windmill at your garden may draw you unexpected good lucks in your business, career, wealth, and relationships.

The important factors are

  • Right color for you
  • Proper location for different purposes

Right colors based on the season of your birth ~

  • If you were born in Spring (February, March or April),
    Gold, Silver or White are the color for you.
  • If you were born in Summer (May, June or July),
    Blue, black or grey are the color to choose.
  • If you were born in Fall (August, September or October),
    Green or any wooden colors are to be selected.
  • If you were born in Winter (November, December or January),Red, Pink or Purple would be the ideal colors.

The other options is to use windmills containing colors selected from each seasonal categories plus yellow.

In 2009, best locations for different purposes are listed below:

  • SW (South West) to bring good luck in fortune,
    And desired promotion, travel, overseas study plan.
  • NW (North West) to bring good inter-personal relationships.
  • SE (South East) to bring good luck in career or business.
  • S (South) to bring good luck in passing an important examination.
  • Center of your proper to bring desired romance or marriage.

Locations that are always good to have windmills spinning:

  • Roof and Porch.
  • Diagonal corner of the front door entrance.
  • Places facing other tall and big buildings.
  • Places facing electric towers.
  • Entrance of stores and shops.