Because a trashcan collects the filthy or unwanted, it is a place that accumulates negative ‘Qi’. Therefore, where you put trashcans in your home directly influences the health and wellness of your family members.

Often there are more than three trashcans in a house, one in the kitchen and one in each bathroom. There may be more in bedrooms, studies, or living room. It is best to minimize the number of trashcans in the household and use smaller-sized trashcans. You may use a bigger one in the kitchen.

It is better to put trash can where cannot be seen,
or have a lid covering the container all the time.
Trashcans need to be emptied and cleaned every day,
they also need to be kept dry all the time.

Depending on who is living in the house,
different locations may affect different members in the family and result in that individual feeling troubled or neglected.

  • NW (North West) – Father or man of the house
  • SW (South West) – Mother or woman of the house
  • E (East) – Eldest boy in the family
  • SE (South East) – Eldest girl in the family
  • N (North) – Second eldest boy of the family
  • S (South) – Second eldest girl of the family
  • NE (North East) – Third eldest and younger boys
  • W (West) – Third eldest and younger girls
  • Center or the house – detrimental to the health of all family members.

When you situate your trashcans, be careful:

  • Not to put it where it can be seen from the front door.
  • Not to put it beside front door.

Both above will negatively impact your fortune.

  • Not to put it besides headboard of your bed.
  • Not to put it where it will be exposed to direct sunshine all day.

Both will have negative impact to your health.

Make sure not to put trashcans in the SE (South East) area of your home in 2009 because it could hurt your career and income!