Has your house been sitting on the market for way too long?

Try the following strategy to facilitate a quick sales ~
1. Clean the house thoroughly inside out.
2. Mix uncooked rice with equal amounts of coarse salt, enough so you can throw a handful in all corners of your home. The rice and coarse salt must be your own; buy some if you do not already have them. Keep them on the kitchen shelf for a week before use.

  • Toss the mixture of rice & coarse salt in the corners of each room, including bathrooms, kitchen, and patios.
  • Let the mixture sit for 3 days.
  • On the 4th day, swipe it clean and steam the carpet or mop the floor with damp cloth. Turn on ALL the lights, open every window, turn on the air conditions or fans and keep them on until the floor is completely dry.

3. Get four red bricks and wrap each with red pieces of cloth.

  • Put the bricks under the four legs of the kitchen range.
  • ut an upright floor fan at SW corner facing inside of the house and keep it blowing if the range is fixed on the floor, making it impossible to stick bricks under the legs.

4. Place eight coins along the top edge of your front door.
5. On the day before open house, open all windows; turn on the fan and turn on all the lights. Do the same every time you have an open house until the house is sold.