A voluptuous buttock and good vitality are two indicators of good fortune.

Women who have voluptuous and relaxed buttocks are dutiful wives and loving mothers. These individuals are considerate, amiable, generous, and have good interpersonal relationships as well as stable romantic relationships. If she also has a firm and voluptuous lower abdomen, she is destined to accumulate wealth and fortune throughout her lifetime.

One who has a firm but smaller rear has strong affection. Love is her world. She becomes unhappy or depressed over-thinking or worrying too much. These kinds of people usually have toiled life. Regardless of how much they care about money, it is not easy for them to make big fortune.

People who have perky rear ends are usually frank and open, are outgoing, and have good interpersonal relationships. However, it is easy for them to quarrel with people who are completely different from themselves, people who are more conservative, stubborn and inflexible.

People who have a perfectly proportioned rear end are charitable and willing to give to whom they love. They are more emotionally stable, tolerable and forgiving. Often times these kinds of people take on the more supportive role in their relationships.

A flat rear end of a young individual usually means short of savings; of middle age people indicates lack of fortune; of elderly represents loneliness.

A flat rear end of a female could mean difficulty with fertilization and childbirth; of a male can signify obstacles in career and weakness in health.

A flat rear end of an obese person signifies a rocky road in career, fortune, and marriage.

Moles on the buttock indicate increased sexual drive. These individuals like more stimulating romantic relationships, which can bring unpleasant encounters and relationships that are more erotic.