Do you wish to

  • find a new job?
  • get a promotion?
  • travel abroad to study?
  • move to another State, or Country?

Try these simple steps to make your wishes come true!

  1. Light a torch floor lamp that projects upward in the SE area of your property. This should be a common’s area (for example, living room, study, dining room). If the SE area happens to be your bedroom, place the lamp in the SE corner of your living room. The lamp should be taller than you are, with soft light, and should be kept on 24/7.
  2. Put a red miniature sport car model, such as a Ferrari – best with a horse image, in the SW area of your property (again, this should be a common’s area; otherwise place in SW corner of your living room). Orient the car so that it heads towards the main entrance. The model must be at least a foot long. Write your name and birth date on the back of your passport photo and set it in the driver’s seat.
    As soon as your wishes come true, pack the sports car and put it in storage. Do not put it on display again unless you have another new wish.