The ‘Guei Ren Line’ is one of the most important lines on your palm. It lies just under ring finger and almost perpendicularly crosses the Jupiter line (also known as the love line, line of heart).

The ‘Guei Ren Line’ is also called the ‘facilitator line’ or ‘Sun Lien’. It symbolizes success, promotion, and achievement of both fame and wealth.

Usually the ‘Guei Ren Line’ develops between the ages of 20~30. It may show up before the 20’s if an individual was born to a big or successful family, indicating the person enjoys early success in his/her career.

Some people have one ‘Guei Ren Line’, while others may have more than one. It is good if you have it on your dominate hand, it is even better if you have them on both hands.

Having a single ‘Guei Ren Line’ means that there are people either older than you are, higher ranking than you are, or more knowledgeable than you are who will assist you – knowingly or unknowingly – to achieve your goal.

People who have two ‘Guei Ren Lines’ are more artistic or work in the creativity industry.

People who have three or more ‘Guei Ren Lines’ usually have diversified interest in multiple subjects or demonstrate increased interest in gambling.

When you have these lines on both hands, you will always land on your feet with help from known or unknown facilitators, regardless of the circumstances. In a sense, you are a lucky star.

If the line is still undeveloped after 30 years of age, either the person will have more obstacles along his/her career path or it is not recommended for him/her to own a business.
If it still does not show at middle age around 40~50, the person must have not had any good opportunities even if he/she is very talented.

If you do not find the lines on your palm at all, you can always improve your luck by using fengshui ornaments, such as a torch floor lamp. For the year 2009, place the lamp in the SE area or Center or your house. The torch floor lamp must be taller than you are so you do not see the light bulb. Let it shine 24/7 and this will facilitate improved luck and success.