Have you ever wondered why the color of your palm is different from that of others? Or why it differs on a day to day basis, sometimes more pink and other time more pale? The skin tone of your palm is a good indicator of your luck and being aware of the changes can help you make better decisions.

  • Pinkish palms indicate good luck in finances.
  • Yellowish palms indicate someone’s death.
  • Palms with blue veins indicate constant worrying.
  • Pale and colorless palms indicate lack of good luck.
  • Obscure and bluish palms indicate illness or disappointment.
  • Purplish-Red palms indicate potential for increased prosperity.
  • Red or yellowish tone on the back of your hands indicate unexpected income.
  • Dryness and dullness of back of hands indicates loss of wealth.
  • Bright healthy fingers show good luck, while dry and dull fingers indicate just the opposite!

Therefore, it is important to moisturize your hands often, particularly the back of your hands, to expedite the desired happiness, wealth, and fortune.