Good Marriage Line

A marriage line that is straight, clear,
without irregular branches is symbolic of
a good marriage.
It also indicates the person is easygoing
and well mannered. 

If the marriage line reaches ‘Guei Ren Line’ (‘facilitator line’, ‘Sun Lien’, or ‘Success Line’), this individual will gain fame and fortune from his/her marriage.
Parallel Marriage Lines

Someone who has two parallel marriage lines
may be involved in two relationships at the
same time, dating a foreigner, or
involved in long distance romance.
If the two lines are very close to each other,
the person may be involved in a love triangle.In men, two parallel marriage lines and

two parallel Jupiter lines (Love lines) signify
that he has, or will have two wives.Two parallel marriage lines and two very

straight parallel Jupiter lines in both hands
indicate a very happy marriage.Two parallel marriage lines equally dividing the space between the Jupiter line and base of the pinky indicates that a person will have two marriages.

Two very closely paralyzed marriage lines, with the top line being shorter than the bottom one, indicate the possibility of extramarital relationships.