You’d be surprised by the number of simple, seemingly mundane things that you’ve unknowingly performed to enhance your financial luck. It’s time to reveal the list so you can be consistent.

Are you ready?

1. Carry your money in a wallet.
2. Throw out an old, worn, or torn wallet.
3. Replace a wallet after three years of use.
4. Pick up coins or bills you find in public.
5. Keep the coins or bills you find on the ground at least a
week before spending it.
6. Place unexpected income in an envelope and place it
under your pillow, until you get the next surprise.
(okay, it’s rather unlikely that you would do this unknowingly)
7. Pat a cat or dog that comes your way
(animals bring you good fortune!)
8. Make sure all the light bulbs work at your home and office,
although you don’t always turn them on.
9. Make sure there is no water leak at your home of office,
particular in the bathroom.
10. Frequently use your stove or oven (or at least boil some
hot water from time to time if you do not cook regularly).