The current economic crisis has affected the financial security of many families and individuals. The accumulation of stress and anxiety push many into a depressed, unhappy, and hopeless state. However, that just leads into a vicious cycle – we need to take action to stay positive and inspired!

For example, you can create a budget or purchase a fuel-efficient car to better regulate your day-to-day expenses. Also try to keep yourself surrounded by positive spirits, whether that means staying connected with family and friends or engaging in stress-relieving activities.

Here are something other things you can do to your home to foster a more positive atmosphere:

(1) Open widows and curtains to get the sunshine and fresh

breath during the daytime; turn on lights and close curtains as soon as it gets dark.
(2) Place house plants in the corners of your home and by the
windows at South side [for year 2009 only, it varies every year].
(3) Have pets in the house – to bring vitality!
(4) Put a floor torch lamp close to center of house to bring positive ‘Qi’ and attract good luck [for year 2009 only, it varies every year].
(5) Keep bathroom squeaky clean.
(6) Throw away all things left behind by an ex.
(7) Use bright colors instead of dark colors for furniture and
(8) Fix any leaks, replace bulbs that are not working, and remove mildew.

Last but not least, very important thing you can do to foster positive spirits include taking salt-water baths and walking on moist grass in the morning sunshine. You will definitely stay happy and healthy!