The heat produced from stoves, oven, and microwave, as well as odors from food and garbage disposals can disturb the ‘Qi’ in your house.
Let’s see how the layout of a kitchen can influence our lives:

A sink that is positioned immediately next to, or directly across from the range, results in close proximity between “fire” and “water”. This particular set up increases emotional fluctuations and you may often find yourself dealing with negative interpersonal relationships (including with your dearest ones). It can be resolved by having a working surface or a kitchen island (without faucet) in between.
If the range is located under an exposed roof beam, you may experience difficulty becoming pregnant. It also will have negative impact on the careers and interpersonal relationships of those who live in the house. It is better to wrap roof beams with ceiling or cabinet.
A kitchen door that is directly across from the bedroom door could lead to poor health.
Stoves that can be seen from front entrance could lead to accidents, arguments, or lawsuits.
Finally, a kitchen located in the center of the house could impede career advancement and pregnancy. Put a small pot of aquatic Epipremnum aureum next to the range and on top of the fridge may help.