When Jupiter line [heart line] and Wisdom line [mind line] merge to form one line and cut across your palm to divide your palm into two parts, it is Duan-Zhang.

Jupiter line represents one’s emotion; Wisdom line represents one’s intellectual and rationality. When these two lines merge, the person has an overall stronger personality- more confident, reasonable, and independent.

There are two kinds of ‘Duan-Zhang’.
‘True Duan-Zhang’ is a complete merge of Jupiter line and Wisdom line without any branch.

The other type is ‘Fictitious duan-Zhang’, when the merged line has a Jupiter line branch or a wisdom line branch. ‘Fictitious duan-Zhang’ will not be discussed in this article.

In ancient Chinese culture, Duan-Zhang used to be considered a negative characteristic in women because they were considered inferior to their husbands and should not have such strong personalities. Women should not be independent, should not have their own thoughts, and should never go out – not to mention work or having their own businesses.

In the modern day and age, a capable woman is more desired by men. Men and women share every thing in life, including all responsibilities and rights. Therefore Duan-Zhang is no longer considered unfavorable.

According to several medical reports, Duan-Zhang is a genetically inherited trait. It makes sense because personality is usually at least in part, influenced by one’s genetic makeup.
If there is no evidence of inheritance in the family, one’s Duan-Zhang could be the result of drastic emotional changes during pregnancy.

A person with Duan-Zhang on both hands has a very strong personality, and should cultivate his or her heart and nature for better fortune.