It is never too late to make changes.
The year of 2009 is a great time to make positive changes, which can lead you to good fortune for another ten years. Although it is already October, take the opportunity during the rest of this year to make changes that will facilitate better career and fortune!

Plants ~

Place green indoor plants in the Southern region of your house. It is better if this location happens to be a public area like the living room, dinning room or hallway.
It can bring you fame.

Float a white or blue flower in a bowl filled with water and put it in the Northwest region of your house. Replace with fresh water and flower weekly. This should improve your interpersonal relationships. You may get promoted or better support from colleagues and friends.

Lights ~

Place a torch floor lamp in the Southeast area of your house, ideally in a public area like living room, dinning room or hallway. The light must be taller than you are so you do not see the light bulb. It must be lit 24/7. Therefore, a 5 watts bulb is sufficient.

Fortune Fountain ~

Place a cascading copper table- top water fountain with wheel in the Northwest region of your home. This can facilitate getting a raise or receiving extra income.

Wind Chimes ~

Hang a wind chime with two or six copper bells, or five or six glass tubes, or one clear crystal ball in the Southwest area of your house. This can bring in unexpected fortune- such as winning the Lottery.

Do whatever you can now to greet the many years of good fortune to come!