You would never think that bedroom layout, furniture, and architecture can make such a big impact of your life!

An ideal bedroom gathers positive ‘Qi’ for good fortune. Therefore, it is better not to have more than two big windows in a bedroom. It is even less desirable to have two large windows on more than one side of bedroom wall. Sliding doors that lead to the outside of the house are not desirable because they result in leakage of good ‘Qi’.

Couples who frequently quarrel should check if there are too many reflective articles, such as mirrors, TV, and monitors in their bedroom. The arguments may also be due to having a reflective object directly facing their bed. This set-up can result in insomnia or extra-marital affairs at its worst.

Damaged headboards or night stands can lead to poor health or relationships.

Beds with storage underneath prevent airflow under the bed and can result in people having a harder time understanding what you have to say. Clear communication will become a struggle. This may easily lead to fighting or break ups.

It is also important to consider where to position your bed in the bedroom.

If the bed is directly facing the bedroom door or if the headboard shares the same wall as the bedroom door, you can experience frequent emotional fluctuations.

If your feet point directly towards the bedroom door when you lie down, you either like to go out a lot or you are highly distractible.

Women who don’t have a vanity in their bedrooms tend to experience more difficulty with their finances, no matter how much they earn or how hard they try to save money. They are also likely to have decreased sense of security.

A bedroom that is too big- bigger than your living room or dining room- signifies difficulty for family members to get together.