There are several ways to find out whether someone is or will be in a state of financial compromise

Hand ~

  • Short verticle lines between fingers joints.
  • Big finger knuckles.

Wearing a gold or jade ring can dimish the loss.


People with upturned nose tend to overspend, thus it is difficult for them to accumulate fortune.

Having a moustache could decrease the loss.
Trimming nasal hair to prevent them from protruding out of the nostrils can also help.

Diastema ~

Space between the front teeth is a sign of leaking money.

Make sure to have it fixed by ah dentists.

Sigh ~

A person who frequently sighs can become passive. It fosters negative energy which can create a vicious cycle by creating a downward spiral of luck and fortune.

Routine running, exposure to sunshine, deep breathing and walking on grass with bare feet could be eradicate the negativity.