If one desires for positive energy, it is of utmost importance that the bedrooms in your home receive an adequate amount of sunlight.

If this is not possible in every bedroom, at least the master bedroom must be able to get sunlight during the day.

A square or rectangular shape bedroom is much more desirable than other shapes.
The angles in an unconventionally-shaped room, such as a polygon, create an oppressive atmosphere that can lead to lax spirit, poor health or accidents.

It is ideal for bed frames to have individual legs that elevate the mattress above the floor to allow air to flow under the bed and easy access for cleaning. Using the space under one’s bed for storage purposes can cause difficulty with family communication and body soreness.

Having tall piles of miscellaneous items or big cabinets in the bedrooms can result in high stress levels, tension, and a short temperament.

Arts and crafts that are displayed in one’s bedroom should be selected with caution.
Natural stones or similar kinds of elements can make the person tenacious or lead to growth of body lumps.
Artwork of beasts may bring upon unstable mood or unexpected injuries.
Antiques may create illusion or mental illness. Big clocks with ticking second hands can cause insomnia.

Having big windows or too many windows in the bedroom can lead to physical weakness or money loss.

Closing the window curtains can minimize potential harm.

Having big mirror or too many mirrors can lead to imbalance of body and mind, making one feel insecure in long run.

Large ceiling light installations, chandeliers or beams above the bed may lead to illness in the part of the body lying right under it.