If your bed is directly facing the bedroom door, it will be difficult for you to establish or keep a stable romantic relationship.

Things you can do to minimize the harm include:

  • Putting a screen/room divider between the bed and door.
  • Drawing a ceiling curtain between the bed and door at night.

If your bed directly faces the bathroom door, you may be unhappy in your current relationship.

Ways to solve this situation include:

  • Putting a screen between your bed and bathroom door.
  • Hanging a curtain on the bathroom door.
  • Keeping the bathroom door closed at all times.
  • Keeping the toilet cover down at all times.

If you have a TV directly facing the foot of the bed, you will often be moody in your relationship.

To solve this problem, you may consider:

  • Moving the TV to another place.
  • Extending the distance between the TV and your bed.
  • Placing a pot of Snake plants [Mother-in-law’s tongue] on each side of the TV.

If the headboard of your bed shares the same wall as the gas stove in the kitchen, you may frequently be short tempered or quarrel with others.

Ways to remedy this situation include:

  • Moving your bed so the headboard is against another wall.
  • Hanging a blue painting on the wall above your headboard if you are unable to move the bed.