Occasional or constant nightmares may cause sleepless nights and sometimes arouse intense, fearful emotions.

If severe, you may benefit from consulting with a health provider. You may also reflect upon whether your nightmares are triggered by certain behaviors or exposures, such as: eating too much before going to bed, resting your arm on your chest when asleep, or having visited places with negative ‘Qi’, such as graveyards or funeral homes. Sometimes, antiques or paintings in your home may be the trigger!

Oftentimes nightmares may even cause unstable emotions and negatively impact your health. Furthermore, it may indirectly result in unexpected accidents or setbacks and frustrations.

There are simple ways to change the situation:

  • Take salt-water bath before going to bed at night for 7 consecutive days.
  • Drink a large cup of warm salt water in the morning with tiny sips until you sweat.
  • Expose yourself to sunlight in a garden for 20 to 30 minutes- with feet bare stepping on moist grass.
  • Play Holy songs at home during the daytime to harmonize the magnetic field in your home.