The position of your bed has a direct impact on happiness and health of you and your family

There are two ways to place a bed.

The first way is to put the headboard against the wall and have one side of the bed against another wall. This position facilitates stability for children, students and elderly.

The other placement method involves putting the headboard against a wall but with neither sides of the bed against the wall. This allows one to get up and down from either sides of the bed. This particular position promotes good interpersonal relationships and fosters successful business development. Therefore, it is a desirable set-up for businessperson, sales, envoy, and people involved in public relationships.

It is very important for the parents’ and children’s beds to be parallel to each other. Miscommunication, quarrel and misunderstanding between parent and children often seen with perpendicular placements.

Putting the headboard against the wall under a window, or directly against a sliding door can result in unstable emotions and feelings of insecurity.

Large pieces of light fixtures should not be situated above your body when lying in bed. This may result in health problems in the body region directly under the fixture.

Too many light sources a bedroom that is too lit often leads to dispute between partners.

A lamp on your bedside table helps you find facilitators in your life and particularly brings good fortune to people born in the wintertime.