Why can’t the numbers in my bank account increase no matter how hard I work and how much I make? Why are there always occasions for unexpected expenditure?

The first thing you should do is to check the fengshui in your home!

If your front door faces directly to elevator or down-going stairs,
put a pot of round-leaf evergreen plant on each side of the front door to prevent separation of family members and loss of wealth.

A front door without a threshold could lead to loss of wealth.
Stick six copper coins evenly along the top edge of the door to prevent this from happening.

It is best not to have a very large window or floor-to-ceiling sliding door beside the front door because it may result in financial drainage.
Remodeling the window to make it smaller or closing the curtains can help prevent potential loss.

If the stove in your kitchen can be seen directly from the front door or
if there is a bathroom in center of your home,
you may experience loss of wealth or frequent accidents and injuries.

When a sink is positioned directly across the kitchen stove, your money comes and goes.

Large bedroom and/or front doors result in financial loss.

When a house has many large windows and/or floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, there may be separation of family members and loss of wealth.

When there is a large window or sliding door diagonal to the front door, you may have a very hard time saving money.

If there is suddenly a crack on the floor just by your front door,
or you notice cracking or peeling of the kitchen walls, you should expect some unexpected expenditure.

When you see spiderwebs everywhere in a household, the family may be going downhill.

When there are leaks in the house that are difficult to diagnose, you may feel like you’re losing money yet you have little idea where the money is spent.