The following characteristics are detrimental to personal relationships, leading to disputes with family members, partners, or lovers:

  • Arched door frame to your bedroom
  • Storage under your bed
  • Exposed ceiling beams around or across the front door
  • A hidden room, bathroom, closet in your bedroom (for example, one that is camouflaged and cannot be easily identified as an entrance due to lack of a door knob)
  • Two kitchens in the house or two ranges in your kitchen
  • No windows in your bedroom
  • A floor plan that is not square or rectangularg
  • A stove top in the center of the house
  • An odd, angled space in the southern region of your house
  • The headboard of your bed shares the same wall as the stovetop on the other side of the wall
  • Cracks on the wall inside or outside of your front door
  • Disorganized shoes on the floor

    Modifying the above characteristics can lead to positive changes in your relationship with people around you and your loved ones.