You may be jeopardizing your own health, wealth, career, and emotions if your bathroom is poorly situated or maintained. Here are some ways to minimize the negative impact:

First of all, embellish your bathrooms to reduce the negative energy.

 Then put up curtains to hide the bathroom doors. The length of the curtains must reach below knee level.

Set several small water pots with Devil’s ivy in the bathrooms to diminish bad energy flow created by toilets.

If it is not affordable to have such a desired bathroom, at least to keep bathroom clean and well ventilated all the time. Use disinfectants for your toilet bowel to maintain hygiene.

It is important to keep bathroom bright all the time. Therefore try to use very bright lighting and keep them on as needed.

Don’t ever store or stack miscellaneous items in the bathroom.

 The last must most important thing to do is to close the toilet lid every time before flushing to prevent splashing of negative energy in the bathroom!