Where lavatories are makes big impact on one’s luck in many directions.

When there is a lavatory at northwest of a property, men live in the house could have bad luck in career and interpersonal relationships. He watches opportunities passing but have no chance to get it.

When there is a lavatory at Southwest of a property, females live in the house are depreciated no matter how much she dedicated or how hard she tries. Her marriage is full with disappointments.

When there is a lavatory at southeast of a property, females live in the house often get hurt in her romantic relationships and marry to a bad man.

When the bathroom door faces directly to the front door or bathroom door, it could lead to illness or loss of wealth fortune.

When a lavatory becomes moldy or smelly, it will bring bad romantic relationships too. Therefore it is important to always keep lavatory hygiene and have windows.

A lavatory right beside entrance of a house, everyone lives in the house have a good chance in meeting the wrong person in romantic relationships.

A bedroom directly under or above a lavatory is receives and carries on the bad energy flow under or above, which brings bad luck in many aspects to whoever sleeps in the room.