Here’s a list of situations in the bedroom that could bring negatively impact your luck! (Also known as – things to avoid!)

  • There are no windows in the bedroom (you may have difficulty expressing yourself).
  • There are more than two windows (you may have extramarital affairs).
    The master bathroom is large and has glass partitions.
  • There’s a hidden room in bedroom.
  • The bedroom floor plan is irregular.
  • There is a large exposed beam column in the bedroom.
  • There are too many mirrors in the bedroom, on the wall above headboard, or on ceiling.
  • The bedroom is too dark or humid.
  • There is a fish tank in bedroom.
  • There are too many flowers in the bedroom, fresh or artificial!
  • The headboard lies against a sliding door, or there is a large sliding door right beside the bed.
  • There is storage under the bed.
  • There is a large size wedding picture or painting above headboard.
  • There are more than three doors in a bedroom (could reflect several mistress).
  • The bed shares a wall with kitchen range, hot stove or toilet.
  • One who is seeking a romantic relationship should not sleep on a single size bed.Dried or artificial flowers could reflect false display of affection.