There are some easy things to take note of to maximize your happiness.

  • It is better to have a square or rectangular floor plan and not have any missing blocks particularly the Northwest and Southwest corners of your home.
  1. Missing the Northwest block could reflect as missing man of the house, bad luck to man of the house or the oldest son of the family.
  2. Missing the Southwest block could reflect as missing woman of the house or bad luck to woman of the house.
  • Arched doors, particular arched front door could lead to loss of wealth or family separation.
  • It is a must to have a dining table for family members to get together for meals. Dining table is a symbol of gathering wealth.
  • Any pipe leaking, wall crack, floor or ceiling damage must be fixed as soon as possible to keep good wealth and health fortunes.
  • Trees and plants must be trimmed to prevent from crawling to neighbor’s yard. Any plants or branches of trees crawling to your garden must be trimmed as well.
  • Otherwise there may be potential love affairs.