• Tall vases exceeding the height of your chest or large fish tank may signify undesirable and complicated romantic relationships.
  • Too many antiques or figurines in the house can bring upon troubled thoughts or emotion fluctuation.
  • Too many lighting fixtures in a bedroom or excessively bright fixtures in the bedroom (compared to that of the living room and dining room) can make one impatient and short tempered.
  • Disorganization or piles of dirty things stack up in the house can lead to arguments between couples or bad health.
  • Any damage or cracks in the bed must be fixed or the bed must be replaced otherwise they bring dispute between couples.
  • A dresser in the bedroom for woman of the house is symbolic of her ability to keep her fortune.
  • More than one range in a house could reveal more than one hostess in a family.
  • A Y-shaped lane directly facing a front door indicates a third party involvement in a relationship.