Lighting in your house not only serves the purpose of illumination, it also can influence your luck and fortune!

An burned-out bulb must be replaced! Otherwise it not only brings bad luck to your career, it can also negatively influence the health and fortune of the young and old living in the same house.

Lighting of your living room must be brighter than any other room in the house because it represents the positive career development and strong interpersonal relationships.

Meanwhile, using soft yellow color light bulb for bedroom helps to maintain emotional stability.

Desk lamps on bed side dressers help to bring facilitators and success.

It is important to avoid having light fixtures directly above your bed to avoid negative impact on your health.

Use tungsten light bulb instead of fluorescent lamps for studying because they help with concentration.

Using UV germicidal light bulb in bathrooms helps to reduce bad energy and bring upon better health.

A torch floor lamp (with the minimal wattage) kept on 24/7 at the lucky spot in the house will bring good fortune for the whole year.