If you are not content with your marriage, you may want to look around your home. There may be slight changes you can make to facilitate a happier marriage!
The first thing you may want to do is to hang a curtain to cover the entrance to the master’s bathroom. This will block negative energy, which may sometimes result in love affairs or financial loss, from going into the bedroom.

If the walls of your room are pink, repaint it. Pink fosters nervousness and may lead to frequent bickering between couples.

If there is a sharp building corner or other architecture within sight from your bedroom window, close your curtains all the times to avoid potential recurrent dispute with your partner.

If you and your partner sleep in separate beds, it is best to have two beds same in size placed parallel to each other. This will help both of you to become more understanding and thoughtful.

Do not put more than one love seat or two single-seat sofas in the bedroom. Too many seating surfaces may result in disharmony between couples.

Place the dresser mirror against the same wall as your headboard to avoid reflection of the bed. Otherwise you may experience poor health and problems with your partner.

Do not place fresh flowers in the bedroom. They could bring undesirable love affairs!

It is best to live in a home where the living room is larger than the bedroom. A larger bedroom can not only bring upon complicated love affairs, it may even lead to divorce.

A bed with legs allows air flow underneath, signifying good communication between you and your loved one. You are able to establish a solid foundation for your relationship based on good mutual understanding.