Dining room is a place for family members gather for meal. The way your dining table is placed directly influences the happiness of your family.

An ideally placed dining table holds a family together. A united family is strong in bringing prosperity, warmth, and happiness.

The most preferred place for a dining table to be situated is somewhere close to center of the house. It is key to have a round, square or rectangular shaped table that is stable.

It is best to avoid putting dining table close to front door as this set-up makes it hard for a family to stick together.

It is important to absolutely avoid putting the dining table close by a bathroom. This could lead to illnesses of the digestion system in family members.

A dining table beside the refrigerator may also lead to weakness of the digestion system.

It is important to keep the dining table neat.
A dining table piled with disorganization may lead to disharmony between family members and it is not good for wealth and fortune.

Not sitting at the dining table for meals may negatively impact one’s financial prospects.