The placement of couches in your home matters!

 A complete set of sofa that includes three-sitters, love seat, and single fosters close and harmonious bonding between family members, as well as between you and your visitors. 

It is most important to put the main (three-sitter) sofa against a wall. Host and hostess of the house should sit there as this will draw upon good social support when needed.  
If it is positioned against a porch sliding glass door, bathroom door, walkway, or under a ceiling beam, unexpected surprises and uncertainty may frequently occur. If this is inevitable, putting a tall cabinet against the back of the sofa will help.   
A set of couches placed in an area that doesn’t allow any of them to back against the wall may lead loss of wealth or family members. 
If there is a fish tank, water pot or anything similar behind the couch, loss of wealth may occur. 
It is most desirable to put the main three-sitter sofa against a wall to enable people sitting on it to face the entrance of the house or the room. 
If the sofa is against a wall shared with the entrance, one may find it hard to find support or unknowingly become the target of other individuals’ destructive behaviors.