If you suspect that he is cheating on you, most probably your toilet is situated in a non-ideal location in your house.

Whether or not it is, there is a simple way to reduce the negative effect.
Make a cup of ‘Yin-Yang water’ to put on the floor beside the toilet.
You may note that the salt and water (see formula provided below) can splash onto the floor after several days. Therefore it needs to be replaced on a weekly basis.
How to prepare ‘Yin-Yang water’ ~
  • Use a white Chinese style tea cup (without handle) or a brass cup; fill it up with half cup of coarse sea salt.
  • Add to it a mixture of 50/50 boiled water and tap water, until the cup is three quarters full. 

 Another thing to practice is drying the bathroom immediately after use. Damp bathroom can bring obscene desires.

You may also be using too much red, purple, or pink color schemes in your bedroom. These colors are good when you are single and looking for a romantic relationship, but they often bring upon complications if you are already involved.

If your bedroom is bigger than your living room, your loved one may be involved in secret affairs.

In this case you can put an evergreen plant inside or outside the front door to bring positive energy into the house to revert the situation. Pot of Sago Cycas Palm works the best.

Place a cobble under his side of the bed. Place it under the sunlight to re-energize it with positive energy once a month.

A happy family picture placed in the Northwest region of your home will help bring the family closer together.

Other strategies that can facilitate increased affection between you and your partner include placing pairs of little figurines (eg. mandarin ducks or swans) for home decoration.