Dragons are symbolic of wealth, fortune, and power. They are often used for feng shui purposes. Dragons are extremely powerful in catalyzing positive energy and suppressing negative energy for good fortune.
However, it is very important to put dragons in the correct locations. If a dragon is placed in a wrong place, it may in stead bring harm.

A dragon is usually placed in the North, particularly if the good flying star flies towards the North in that particular year.

If you are standing in the house facing the largest window, place the dragon to the left of the window facing out. Placing it on the right may bring upon conflicts.

It works the best if a dragon is placed facing water- such as an ocean or river.

A dragon placed against a bedroom, stove or bathroom could bring undesirable results.

It is best to have a total of either one, two, or nine dragons in the house.
If there are nine dragons, there should be only one large dragon, with the eight remainder being smaller dragons.

For year 2011, having one dragon placed in the Northeast area of a house can strengthen your interpersonal relationships and lead to good business performance, potential promotion and a raise.