Indoor plants can do wonders when it comes to livening up a living space. They not only add to esthetic, they also serve as powerful geomantic mascots in bringing in positive energy and clearing out the negative.

There are certain considerations for plant selection and positioning, depending on the purpose of placement and desired outcomes.

Placing two pots of sago cycad (about waist-line tall) by the front door helps to reduce negative energy around the house.

In the hallway, place pots of Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Snake Plants) that reach knee height to eliminate any negative energy from entering into the house.

Lilies are suitable for the family room to create a harmonious and happy atmosphere.

Orchids in dining room attract good wealth and fortune.

Pots of fortune bamboo in the study can bring fame and success for adults and good grades for students.

Devil’s ivy work great in bathrooms, serving as purifiers for the negative energy that dwell in this space.

It is best to put round-leaved plants or fruit plants on the balcony because they symbolize a fruitful future!

Do not put any large-sized plants in bedrooms. Small plants are okay on the window sill.Only photos and paintings of plants are good on bedroom walls.

If your man is too popular among the opposite sex, hanging a painting of a lotus on the wall helps to prevent him from making bad decision.