It is best not to use too much glass in residential properties.
Glass, in many ways, creates negative impacts on Fengshui.

A glass bedroom divider can influence one’s emotions. The individual sleeping in this bedroom may experience fluctuation of emotions for very minor issues.
A bedroom wall that is constructed with glass bricks may result in poor health and sleep quality.

Too many widows in a bedroom, such as having two large windows on two separate walls, or one wall with window and another wall that has a glass sliding door leading to the porch, can result in difficulty retaining wealth and decreased stability in one’s mental and emotional health.

Having a glass divider that separates the master bedroom and bathroom can create imbalance in the Yin-Yang exchange, resulting in poor wealth and health.

If the floor tiles are reflective in a glassy manner, the individuals who live in the house will get nervous very easily.

If the wall behind the stove is reflective resulting in a double-image of the stove, the host of this household may become involved in love affairs.

Glassy front doors indicate difficulty with money saving; loss of fortune could happen if there are clear windows next to the front door.

Reflective glass ceilings are bad for one’s health as well!

In the bedroom, it is best to have only one mirror – the mirror of your vanity. Any more mirrors, even if it is just the reflection of the TV screen, could lead to undesirable results. Therefore it is best not to have a TV in the bedroom. An alternative is to make sure the TV is not positioned directly facing the bed.